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Disable IPV6 on Ubuntu 9.04

I’ve been looking for ways to disable IPV6 without installing unofficial kernel in Ubuntu 9.04 (I think IPV6 embedded itself in kernel and not as a module). All those /etc/sysctl.conf modification up to the additional option in grub’s menu.lst are not working either.  So I come up with this idea using the stardard ip command.

The script should be runned as root to make it work without interaction (Adding it to root’s cron job) or you must specify sudoers to skip password asking for this running ip (which is a bad idea by the way).

Here’s my script:

# Manually disables IPV6 in Ubuntu 9.04 without  unofficial Kernel update
# Hardc0l2e (c) 2009
# ronartos@gmail.com

ADDR_LIST=`ip -oneline -6 a | awk '{print $4 " dev " $2}'`
echo "$ADDR_LIST" | while read line
 sudo ip addr del $line



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