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Default Papersize in Ubuntu and OpenOffice 3.x

It is indeed very frustrating to know that you have to manually configure the default papersize both for Ubuntu and OpenOffice to have it what you want it to. As for me I need to set the default papersize to letter (8.5″ x 11.0″), which is widely used here in the Philippines (I know in some country it’s A4 nowadays.. in that case, don’t be bothered with this problem).

Oh well… here’s the tricky way to fix this problem:

  1. On console, execute the command:
     $> sudo paperconfig -p letter

    that will set the current system-wide papersize to letter(8.5″ x 11.0″).

  2. But still, even after you configure the default papersize to LETTER, openOffice.org doesn’t seems to care, so we need to configure them manually (again). First, open a blank document on OpenOffice.org Writer.
  3. Then setup the margin and pagesize as you prefer.
  4. Afterwards, when everything you wanted are configured, save it in a template (not the simple document template, but OpenOffice wide template), Goto FILE → TEMPLATES → SAVE



  5. Enter the name of your template, for now let’s call it “papersize-writer”
  6. To set it as the default format/setup, Goto FILE → TEMPLATES → ORGANIZE
  7. Select the name of your template “papersize-writer” , then right-click on it and select
  8. Your done, after a full restart of OpenOffice.org, it should be defaulted to what you’ve previously set.
  9. You can also set the papersize defaults for OpenOffice Calc
  10. Done.

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