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Thunderbird Reply and Forward Messages Header

Although in our office, I’ve already implemented a webmail  using AfterLogic’s WebMail PRO, there’s still few managers who still prefer Thunderbird as their e-mail client. Few months or years ago I’ve already encountered this optional things that  REPLIED or FORWARDED messages should also include:  Date and Time info. Not a big deal but might be a helpful tool to track down messages.

Here’s what I’ve discovered to have it included in your REPLY or FORWARDED messages:

1. Click  EDIT –> Preferences
2. Then of the listed tabs, select ADVANCED, then on General tab, click CONFIG EDITOR
3.  A new dialog box will appear, on the FILTER section type:


4. Click the listed configuration shown below.
5. On the VALUE of the configuration, the default is  1
6. Double-click the shown configuration and replace the value to 2
7. Much similar to step 3 – 6, but now search for:


8. Done.


One response to “Thunderbird Reply and Forward Messages Header

  1. Vako December 8, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Thank you, I was looking for this option for a long time!

    please note that the 1st line should be:
    1. Click Tools -> Options

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