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Mounting FS via SSH in Windows

You have a Virtual Machine Guest on your Microsoft Windows 7/XP/Vista and it is running on Linux, might be a web server, your sandbox. Wish to mount the file system via SSH? Sure you can do ftp/cifs, but using minimal required services for the VM, you can just use the SSH to mount the Linux File System in Windows, using Dokan SSHFS.

In my case, doing a web application using RubyonRails, and my current VM is on Centos 5.5 with all the necessary services for the web application. To setup Dokan SSHFS on your Windows system, check the requirement first here,  Usually I just install the Dokan Library and Dokan SSHFS.

Mounting the FS via SSH, just open the Dokansshfs.exe and you’ll be prompted to this screen:

A new drive will immediately appear after the connection has been completed.



3 responses to “Mounting FS via SSH in Windows

  1. broderix July 19, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Unfortunately, it crashed (terminated) in Windows 7.

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