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Novell iManager workstation on Ubuntu 11.04

Currently unning a Novell eDirectory  LDAP service and wonder how to use iManager on your Ubuntu workstation.

Here’s how:

1. Download the latest iManager Workstation for Linux in Novell Download Center

2. Extract the package (for me usually in $HOME/Desktop)

3. Install the necessary packages and libraries for alien (alien, libstdc++5, gcc), installing alien package also includes rpm in the requirements.

4.  Prepare NICI for installation.

$> cd  $HOME/Desktop/imanager
$> cd  NICI/linux
$> sudo alien -d --scripts nici.i386.rpm
$> sudo dpkg -i nici_2.7.3-1.01_i386.deb

5. Modify the current  iManager.sh in the bin folder ($HOME/Desktop/imanager/bin) and remove the word  “function” in every functions of the script.


 echo "Test permissions" > $IMANAGER_BIN_NATIVE_DIR/perm.txt

should be

echo "Test permissions" > $IMANAGER_BIN_NATIVE_DIR/perm.txt 

5.  In the STARTMANAGER() function, remove the CHECK_NICI;

6.  Save the script and do  some test run.

$> cd $HOME/Desktop/imanager/bin
$> ./iManager.sh

7. Done.


One response to “Novell iManager workstation on Ubuntu 11.04

  1. yasin July 20, 2011 at 3:23 am

    Compat is required to install iManagerInstallLinux.bin

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