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Running SSS R3 File Generator (R3FileGen) in Linux

Currently, Social Security System (http://www.sss.gov.ph) has this tool called R3 File Generator, which previously a DOS-based program which has been updated now ┬áto java, a good news for non-Windows OS users. But still it’s needs some minor fixes to be able to run it, in my example in Linux.

The Folder structure:

I didn’t alter anything but added two (2) scripts that’s needed to be able to run in in Linux.

1. runSSS.sh, bash script to be able to run the java application.

cd /home/USER/bin/SSS
java -Xmx256M -jar R3*.jar run

2. wordpad, also a bash script which simulate the WORDPAD.EXE, which used in the application to generate on-screen report.

gedit $1 $2 $3

Note: Remember, the files should be located in /home/USER/bin/SSS, update the path to the actual location of the application. JRE should also be installed to run this program.


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