Hardcore Linux

Anything about Ubuntu, Centos, openSuSe and Fedora


Born and raised in Bulacan, Philippines. Hardcore or “c0l2e” (ZEE ZERO EL TWO EE), his internet identification which he started using since 1996. C0l2e started his career in computing as a Network Administrator in AMA-CLC Northbay branch. Network back then controlled by Novell Netware, then replaced by Windows NT and sometimes in 1998, the school server (gateway and web/e-mail server) was then replaced with Slackware Linux 4.3. From then on his fascination with Linux emerge up to now.

Currently working as Linux Administrator and maintaining several Linux servers on CentOs, Ubuntu, SLES (SuSE). Not treating himself as an expert in this field but very knowledgeable and  well-versed. His quest exceed into programming and web-based system development. Joined a team to developed an in-house ERP system for a multi-million company in Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Last project he’s up to is developing a dynamic linux server on a VM (Xen/KVM/VMWare)  to easily be deployed for various company. A customized server which can act as File Server, Mail Server/Gateway, LAMP, RubyonRails hosting server, Web-Based E-mail  client server, XMPP / Jabber server, Network Gateway/Router. UTM (Unified Threat Management) System, and many other potentially usable services.

C0l2e  also caters various network configuration services as well as establishing an IT services for SME, such as secured network configuration, In-house system development, Web Development, Web Design, Digital Layouting and Image processing or Graphics Design. PABX and VoIP setups using Asterisk*, Establish virtualized servers using known hypervisor platforms.

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