Hardcore Linux

Anything about Ubuntu, Centos, openSuSe and Fedora


Linux Server Services:

  • File Server using SAMBA with LDAP Authentication (PDC )
  • Mail Server (Postfix+Dovecot, Zimbra, ATMail)
  • DNS + DHCP
  • OpenVPN
  • UTM using Endian Firewall
  • NAC using PacketFence
  • Apache Web Server with PHP, RubyonRails, Glassfish/Tomcat Application Server
  • Hypervisors (KVM, VMWare, VirtualBox) and Management Centers (OpenQRM,ConVirt, libvirt, Karesansui, Abiquo)
  • LTSP
  • Offsite Backup Server
  • Clustering Servers/Storages (DRDB,GFS2, OCFS2)
  • LDAP (OpenLDAP, eDirectory)

Workstation Services:

  • Thin-Client (LTSP, NoMachine, SPICE, ThinStation)
  • Full Desktop Workstation (Any Linux Distro) with LDAP/AD via Kerberos Authentication
  • Automatic Network Deployment for both Linux Desktops and Windows
  • Remote/Automated Updates and Maintenance

System/Web Development:

  • RubyonRails
  • Python
  • Java

More info email at: ronartos AT  gmail.com
Location: Manila, Philippines

Accepting Remote Task via oDesk: https://www.odesk.com/users/~~7435f05fda388c87


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